What is OpenCandy?

OpenCandy is a software recommendation network that enables software developers and companies like us to distribute software and generate revenue to offset the cost of development and support. When you install California Font products you will see a simple, user-friendly "offer" screen, which explains the software being offered and gives you the choice of accepting it.

Why did you partner with OpenCandy?

After exploring various platforms, California Fonts partnered with OpenCandy because of their respect for privacy and commitment to a transparent user experience. OpenCandy has stringent guidelines around how software and installers must behave, ensuring that no user is tricked or forced into installing anything they don't want. OpenCandy also comprehensively tests every piece of software on the network to make sure it works as it should and conducts ongoing malware and virus scanning.

What's in it for California Fonts?

We make money! It's no small feat that by partnering with OpenCandy we've been able to run our servers and provide you with the best free fonts on the market, at no cost to you. We've even be able to finance the development of our free Font Manager. OpenCandy provides us with an easy and safe way to earn money from our work while helping you discover new applications (for free) that may be useful.

Who chooses the software that's recommended?

We specify the applications we'd like to recommend from OpenCandy's list of available advertisers. When you start our installer, it connects to OpenCandy's servers to get the list of software we've chosen to offer, and the OpenCandy plug-in in our installer selects a recommendation to display. For more detailed information about how the recommendation process works, watch this video.

Does OpenCandy collect or transmit *any* personally identifiable information?

No. OpenCandy does not collect any PII (personally identifiable information). The service requires an Internet connection to operate and our installer sends a simple data request to get recommendations which will work on your computer and in a language you can understand. You can read more about their application and privacy policies on their Privacy Matters page.

Is OpenCandy "installed" on my system?

OpenCandy is not installed on your computer. The OpenCandy plug-in integrated into our installer only runs during our application's installation process or the installation process for any software recommendation you accept. Once the installation and recommendation process has finished, the OpenCandy plug-in will be automatically removed from your computer.

Will I see ads from OpenCandy while using your software?

No. You will only receive an OpenCandy-powered "ad" (recommendation) during the installation process of our application.

Who should I contact if I have an issue with an application I accepted via a recommendation powered by OpenCandy?

If you do have a problem, you may first try contacting the creator of the recommended software you installed (check the Help menu in the application for contact information). You may also contact OpenCandy via their contact page.

Who's OpenCandy and where can I learn more?

OpenCandy was founded to empower developers to distribute great software and generate revenue while respecting user experience and privacy. You can learn more about OpenCandy at http://www.opencandy.com.

What has partnering with OpenCandy enabled you to achieve so far?

Funded development of our Free Font Manager software, and continued distribution and hosting of 20.000 free fonts for you to enjoy. Hosting and bandwidth is not free (unfortunately), and thanks to OpenCandy we're able to keep our servers spinning for you.