Free Font Manager Software.

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We believe fonts should be free. To facilitate that, we offer everyone a free font manager to download and use without charge. This is not a trial offer, this is 100% free software !

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California Font Manager Features

California Fonts California Fonts - font management software
  • Version 2.5.1 released.
  • Font Manager automatically scans your computer for installed and active fonts to let users install and activate each font with a click.
  • Built-in download support for free font packages
    • We already have several free font packages available, and many more are coming.
  • Supports activation of fonts without administrator rights
    • Fonts remain active for use by your application even after a reboot
  • Simple and straightforward user interface Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Supports TTF, OTF, Adobe Type 1 and most other major font types.
  • Built-in support for downloading and installing free fonts from major font sites.
    • It has never been this easy to add fonts before. Just select fonts and install. No more unzipping and moving.
  • It is fast and responsive, finding fonts on your machine quicker than most other font managers.
  • Preview of fonts with sample text entry
  • Automatic check for updates

Commercial Use

For commercial use we offer a paid version of California Font Manager priced competitively. Please contact to get a quote.

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