Good fonts comes in big packages

Our font packages contains great selections of free fonts.

We have compiled these free font packages to get your started with your font collection. While they work best with our Free Font Manager, they are simply fonts that can be used with any tool you otherwise would use, or installed manually. After installation you can find your new fonts in your "My Documents\California Fonts\Fonts" folder.

Arabic fonts

Beautiful Arabic inspired fonts are included in this package.

Barcode fonts

The essential pack for barcode makers, includes classics such as baudot5, c39HrP24DITt and the ever popular Code-39. In total 22 barcode fonts.

Cartoon fonts

Are you thinking of making your own cartoon, well, you will need one of these cartoon fonts to make it big (unless you have impeccable handwriting).

Celtic fonts

There is something in each of us that just needs to have a few Celtic on our computers. This package will satisfy your needs with hundreds of Celtic fonts.

Dingbat fonts

The Dingbats in this package should get you started doing borders, edges and shapes in no time. 99 dingbat fonts to make you smile.

Gothic fonts

Gothic fonts are just… cool. They remind us of Notre Dame, the dark ages, and Gothenburg. We may not use them that often, but we always think we should.

Grungy and Offbeat fonts

This is a collection of some of our favorite dirty and messy fonts.

Kids fontss

We picked these for parents that wants to make fun posters or letter with playful fun kids fonts.

Monospaced fonts

Proof that monospaced fonts doesn’t have to be boring. This package contains over 50 great monospaced fonts to break up the monotony.