wibble font

Font name: wibble

Files included: 1

Font style: regular

Font license: Free

Font format: truetype

Design year: Designed in 1998

Accents: No

Euro: No

font categories: bitmap, pixel, international, katakana, bold, lined, decorative, flowing, smooth, stencil, futuristic, sci-fi, angular, blocky, fontbat, hexagon, honeycomb, dingbats, logos, faces, marker, inlined, techno, legible, round, all caps, display, geometric, plants, tree, halloween, scary, hearts, animals, bizarre, unusual, school, football, sports, army, beach, kite, sun, telephone, temperature, vacation, holidays, square, handwriting, handwritten, informal, upright, angled, serif, text, groovy, curly, eroded, distorted, cursive, horror, typewriter, retro, initials, arabic, chinese, greek, lcd, medieval, celtic, basic, sans serif, fixed width, script, calligraphy, brush, trash, asian, ancient, shapes, digital, led, condensed, sans-serif, tall, thin, inky, grunge, outline, broken, corroded, messy, fire, wide, stars, symbols, blocks, tiles, 3d, modern, cubes, cubic, 1960s, 1970s, disco, fat, drop shadow, isometric, clean, transitional, sans, dadaist, flag, pictures, creepy, macabre, skulls, 60s, brushed, curvey, comic books, comics, famous, lines, thai, alphabet, code, mixed, blackletter, fraktur, old english, outlined, bones, skeleton, gothic, negative, reversed, love, party, calligraphic, burning, flames, heat, hot, simulation, cars, speed, striped, slab-serif, insects, italic, paintbrush, painted, college, football jerseys, heavy, computers, foreign, barbed wire, bubbly, scratches, eaten, jagged, st. valentines day, headline, sketched, art deco, elegant, separated, spirals, rounded, fun, goofy, american, patriotic, united states, usa, flowers, children, kids, flying, bees, honey, moon, circles, dots, floral, cute, feminine, girly, patterns, vines, eyes, witches, lace, cartoons, fantasy, food, vertical, pen, farm, garden, diamonds, dancing, stick figure, puffy, spiked, scribbles, monospaced, 1980s, athletics, double, student, teacher, readable, glyphic, dover, german, ornamental, solotype, circuitry, engineering, america, hawaii, new york, caps, branches, ornate, raised, professional, star trek, tv, neat, random, ransom note, faded, beatles, music, rock, lennon, mccartney, wood, thick, etched, grainy, splatter, imitation, pixellated, terminal, prismatic, black, light, geometric-sans, lightning, engraving, trees, illegible, fish-eye, kindergarten, inverted, twirls, rabbits, rubber stamp, space, blurred, psychedelic, caveman, flintstones, neanderthal, rocks, vision impaired, visually impaired, hippie, runic, cad, drawing, formal, flower-power, trace, inline, cavemen, 1950s, funky, connected, news, frames, blind, disability, educational, learning, sight, vision, rippled, evil, dot matrix, implied topology, linear, horizontal, elementary, freeway, highway, interstate, roads, signs, invitation, weathered, 1930s, shaded, punk, destroyed, cows, checkered, maze, metal, crazy, boulders, sloping, instructional, printing, ruled, tracing, tiki, tropical, clipart, islands, bell bottoms, president, bricks, simple, runes, contrast, double vision, static, sports teams, varsity, circus, contour, graduation, dan x solo, doily, aridi, lumber, grain, didactic, borders, byzantine, curls, wireframe, print, language, stones, horses, art, head, astronomy, erorded, hippy, pre-historic, stone-age, david kerkhoff, hanoded, hanodedphotography, masculine, drops, splash, stained, regular, hasty, ink stain, face, blodge, baskerville, frys ornamented, pomfrit dandy, stephenson blake, flamo, pyro, scorched, special effects and topical alphabets, perspective, triangle, kidnap, uncial, emo, kings, knights, convex, arches, buttons, track, modeling, electrons, labyrinth, squiggles, 6-sided, six-sided, wax, cells, isotropic, boxy, tapered, driving, road, underlined, elephants, beehive, sting, drugs, bent, twisted, pharmacy, chomped, queens, planets, missing, seeing, spring, palm trees, asteroids, castles, kingdom, turrets, british, chickens, farms, abraham lincoln, pigs, meteorites, meteoroids, meteors, backdrop, autobots, decepticons, transformers, bushel, hay, splintered, splinters, split caps, creased, stars and stripes, sliders, vienna extended, black white, armenian, extended, romance fatal, 3x3, eyeballs, staring, manhatten, world trade center, farmers, farming, livestock, bloom, daisy, uncle sam, manly, bulls, farmer, roosters, nyc, bambam, pebbles, tv shows, bell-bottoms, rollerskate, optima, semi-bold, low contrast, cipher, conan doyle, semaphor, sherlock holmes, highway gothic, clearview, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, asme, gdt, y14.5m,

Embed wibble as a web font:

In order to use the wibble font, follow these steps:

  1. Download
  2. Copy the wibble truetype font to your website
  3. Create the following CSS code in your cascading style sheet:

    @font-face {
       font-family: freefonts;
       src: url(/wibble/Wibble__.ttf) format("truetype");

    .font_sample_class {
       font-family: "freefonts" , Calibri, Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Sans-Serif;
       font-size: 5em;

  4. Make sure to replace the URL in src filed above to point to the actual font on your website.
  5. If the wibble font contains more than one truetype file, you can add more @@font-face definitions as needed for each one
  6. The fonts listed above after "freefonts" are used as a backup if for some reason "freefonts" is not shown. Make sure to pick some fonts that users typically have installed, and that has a style and look that will work in your website design.
  7. You can now apply the style font_sample_class to all your html markup and enjoy your new web font:

    For example: <div class="font_sample_class" >This text has a cool font!</div>

  8. Remember you may need a license for the dirty and classic font for commercial use, always check the unpacked folder or contact the designer.