usa_flag font

Font name: usa_flag

Files included: 1

Font style: normala

Font license: Free

Font format: truetype

Design year: Designed in 2012

Accents: No

Euro: No

font categories: decorative, smooth, futuristic, sci-fi, inlined, techno, western, sans serif, outlined, tuscan, wild west, art nouveau, rounded, american, usa, arizona, new mexico, texas, ornate, various, shadow, arnold böcklin, arnold bocklin, arnold boecklin, circus, carnival,

Embed usa_flag as a web font:

In order to use the usa_flag font, follow these steps:

  1. Download
  2. Copy the usa_flag truetype font to your website
  3. Create the following CSS code in your cascading style sheet:

    @font-face {
       font-family: freefonts;
       src: url(/usa-flag/USA.TTF) format("truetype");

    .font_sample_class {
       font-family: "freefonts" , Calibri, Arial, Georgia, Verdana, Sans-Serif;
       font-size: 5em;

  4. Make sure to replace the URL in src filed above to point to the actual font on your website.
  5. If the usa_flag font contains more than one truetype file, you can add more @@font-face definitions as needed for each one
  6. The fonts listed above after "freefonts" are used as a backup if for some reason "freefonts" is not shown. Make sure to pick some fonts that users typically have installed, and that has a style and look that will work in your website design.
  7. You can now apply the style font_sample_class to all your html markup and enjoy your new web font:

    For example: <div class="font_sample_class" >This text has a cool font!</div>

  8. Remember you may need a license for the dirty and classic font for commercial use, always check the unpacked folder or contact the designer.